Bringing Back the Fontosaurus Site

Since I got the new Macbook Pro last summer, I’ve been working in dribs and drabs on a new font. It’s a handwriting one, based on my increasingly-complex meta-cursive. Call it Danwriting 2.0. Whatever the case, for awhile I’ve struggled with what to do with it when complete. (It’s a huge OpenType font with thousands of glyphs, lots of ligatures and alternate characters.)

Recently, while dicking around with a WordPress plugin, I realized that the toolset exists where I could Lego-together1 a system that would enable all the fun stuff I wanted to do with the Fontosaurus site years ago.


  • free fonts
  • supporter/subscriber fonts
  • e-commerce with support for digital downloads

Ten years ago, none of those things would have been particularly easy to build out in a manageable way. Now I can stick most of them on a WordPress core and be fine.

So I’m plugging away at it now. I hope to have everything up and running by the middle of 2017.

Holy crap. Can’t believe I’m doing this again.