Busy Week

Crazy times. Things have never been more chaotic in our household — TempCat™ coming and going, social and wedding planning schedules that are utterly insane, financial planning, honeymoon planning, plus both our jobs, my framebuilding thing, and all that jazz. You’d think that this would be the causation of some pretty interesting arguments. In reality, though, we’ve been doing extremely well with all of it, and despite the craziness, our focus is still on what’s important — us. And that’s reassuring.

Got a long day at the office today, followed by some housework, website work for Pallas Athena Custom Bicycles, adding a few things to our wedding registry, and a few other things. I’m also going to spend a bit of time sanding down the bottom bracket fillet on the niner frame, too. Maybe.

Last night, two things — went to my first Twins game where we actually won, and my first game at Target Field. We had excellent seats:

Target Field. Click to embiggen.

The other item was starting in on John Steakley’s Armor, which is turning into quite the page-turner. Turns out that the guy has only written two novels and a small handful of short stories, which is somewhat frustrating. But I’m also okay with that. Good military sci-fi, which isn’t my usual fare, but is something I’ve been delving into more and more over the last year or so.

Tomorrow, another long day at the office, followed by housework and more 29’er, plus business card design work and paint masks. Friday, short day at the office, followed by a trip south for Allie’s wedding. Saturday, wedding. Sunday, drive to Princeton to — hopefully — get the niner frame finished, so I can get it off to paint.

Lather, rinse, repeat.