The commuter inches closer to completion. I’ve taken the brake calipers — Avid Shorty 6s — off my ‘cross bike and installed them on the commuter. They’ll be fine on a commuter rig, but I wasn’t very happy with them in competition last year. The ‘cross bike will be receiving a set of the Paul Components calipers later this summer.

This will leave me with just the STI brake/shift lever and the wheelset to order, and the commuter bike will be functionally-complete.

So the cyclocross bike plans? Some minor upgrades before the start of ‘cross season: Paul Components Touring Canti brakes with the Moon Unit bridges. Also, replacing my crappy Cane Creek cross-top levers with Paul’s re-issue of their levers. Some blue Nokon cable housing for the brakes, and a longer cable hanger for the front end. A new seat — the SLR is a comfy seat, but I kept bruising the hell out of my ass and thighs during the dismount. Maybe — and that’s a big maybe — a carbon seatpost and stem to increase the ride comfort.