On Roadies and the Bike Community

Here’s another interesting piece I received via Twitter. Jumi asked how I felt about this piece at MPR about how the bike community (casual riders, commuters, etc.) feels that the spandex-clad racer crowd should be more involved in the ongoing advocacy and planning issues than they currently are.

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2015 Powderhorn 24 Recap

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  2. 2015 Powderhorn 24 Recap

Author’s request: please bear with me on typos, etc., my hands are still a little numb/shaky from the poor choice in gloves, so this may have some weird typos in it. I’ll try to catch it all in revisions.

This is a great event and this year was better than last, even with the weather and all the little things that went wrong. And like most 24-hour events, it’s a bit of a crucible — you learn about yourself and grow during the process.


It was hot. Damned hot. Mid-90’s both days, and mid-70’s overnight. With the heat index on Satuday, it was easily 105°F out on the course. In 24 hours, I drank approximately 12 liters of water and 6 liters of Gatorade.

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