A Bad Marketing Experience

So last week I had a pretty annoying experience being on the receiving end of a marketing technique that I felt was very poorly timed. (I’m not going to name names of the caller or his company.)

My employer uses Silverpop for email marketing. I was doing some troubleshooting as I’m semi-new to the platform and was having a pretty rough time with their support portal. Before thinking of finding a 1-800 number for the company and calling it, I went on the Online Complaint Engine (that is to say, “Twitter”) and groused about their support.

The initial response from Silverpop was a little annoying, but I eventually got a ticket opened and had my issue resolved.

So where’s the shitty part?

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Book Progress

So the book on email marketing is coming along.  I’ve been writing snippets where I can, and haven’t been as concerned with structure.  Using FreeMind, an open source mind-mapping tool, … Read more

Ideas on SEO

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