Bringing Back the Fontosaurus Site

Since I got the new Macbook Pro last summer, I’ve been working in dribs and drabs on a new font. It’s a handwriting one, based on my increasingly-complex meta-cursive. Call it Danwriting 2.0. Whatever the case, for awhile I’ve struggled with what to do with it when complete. (It’s a huge OpenType font with thousands of glyphs, lots of ligatures and alternate characters.)

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101 Things: June 2011

Items accomplished in June: 2 Total items accomplished: 23/101 Percentage complete: 22.7% Items Completed in June: 11. Get up and going and bringing in income. 16. Get all my … Read more

Iteration One

Project: This one kills two birds with one stone. As part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days, I am supposed to design three new fonts. Additionally, I need it for a custom MTB frame I’m working on. More on that in a bit. The first iteration — call it a rough rough draft — of the letterforms is shown below…

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Gems Among Shit

It’s always important to look back at your work as an artist to see where you’ve come from. It gives a certain gauge, I think, of your progression and growth … Read more