What’s Goin’ On?

So I’ve been noticeably quiet for awhile. And you may be wondering what’s been going on. Then again, you may not — I suspect that my only regular reader is … Read more

Life Update

Observed this weekend: a white Toyota Prius with a “carrying handle” spoiler (much like the WRX STi, circa 2005), ground effects, expensive rims, and red-orange flames down the side. The … Read more

Writing, Biking, Life, Fonts

So I’ve figured out the markets I’ll be submitting these two new stories to — the first one I started is going to start the Grand Tour of Rejection at Strange Horizons, and the second will start the journey at F&SF. I will have to do the smart thing and create a spreadsheet to track all my rejections, and I’m okay with that, because as a project manager, I’m a big fan of spreadsheets.

I’m hoping to have my rough drafts done by bedtime on Monday the 14th. Revisions and clean-up on the weekend of the 19th and 20th, and in the mail on the 21st.

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