Project: D-Bot CoreXY 3D Printer

So as you may (or may not) have read in my July 2016 Hacks post, I’m starting the process of building my own 3D printer (the D-Bot CoreXY). This is my first progress report. There will be more posts that follow this, of course. Hopefully, they won’t have a long gap in them like the Cyclocross Frame Build project currently has.

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Image Credits: Dan Bailey/Creative Commons Zero/Public Domain (CC0).

I Disagree, Vehemently

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What were the Obama campaigns? Flat-out optimism. Those worked quite nicely.

OTOH, different medium, different results? I think that there are things to be optimistic about, but optimism requires charisma and oratory skills, while pessism is more of an Eeyore game. Hollywood doesn’t have authentic charisma/voice to pull off optimism.