Crushing It

Been gettin’ at it hard lately. Interviewing about twice a week. Doing 24 hours a week at the bike shop. And atop all the family responsibilities, I’m even finding time to ride. Clearly, I’m doing something right, but I am also still trying to figure out a way to start tackling some of the other tasks I need to nail down regularly. The takeaway: I’m not perfect yet, but I want to find a way to get there.

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Back At It…Sort Of

So yesterday I started a new job — it’s not a full-time gig in my career path, but it does help pay the bills while I hunt for a new gig. I’m spinning wrench in a bike shop again, this time at Bokoo Bikes, not far from my new domicile. In a five hour shift, I got my head wrapped around their workflow, did some HR paperwork, did one large-scale tune-up, and jockeyed some smaller walk-in tasks. I enjoyed it, and it set the tone for the rest of the day.

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