Challenge Me

I’m stealing an idea from John Scalzi, one of my favorite writers/bloggers out there. That idea is the “user dictated writing”… You, my (few) readers, get to spew forth ideas for me to write about. Seriously, it doesn’t have to be about writing, and it doesn’t have to be about cycling. Anything. Any topic.

Challenge me, dammit.

6 thoughts on “Challenge Me

  1. even though you are in a bit of a economic slump, you have continued to focus on buying a house, SOON. why is that? does owning your own home have some special significance? do you think that it is the best thing to protect your personal economy?

    thank you for your answer.

  2. My co-worker just told me his neighbor just got back from Iraq… where he’s a “contractor”. More specifically, he’s a sharpshooter-type of “contractor”. Is his neighbor, in fact, a murderer? An assassin who kills for money? Or is he merely a capitalist patriot who is “supporting our troops”? How is he different from a normal solider who also gets a paycheck for fighting?

  3. Random colliding detritus prompts the following utterances…

    1) Your take on the Olympics, the venue, and whether bicycling is adequately represented in the official events

    2) optimism/realism/cynicism/pessimism: where do you see yourself on this spectrum? Is there another position which you would prefer to find yourself?

    3) perversity of the universe, and why it tends to a maximal value (possibly one of Niven’s Laws, but ICBA to check): any personal anecdotes or insights?

    [Here’s a starting topic: Why are people who are most hard of hearing the most likely to unplug the phone ‘because its ringing would disturb my sleep’?]

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