Class Accomplishments

  1. Slotted the chainstays for both the commuter frame and the 29’er frame. The dropouts fit nicely.
  2. Silver-brazed the steerer tube into the fork crown for the commuter.
  3. Started carving up a fresh, new BB lug for the commuter, including TIG welding shut the ugly-assed vent holes on the bottom of it.
  4. Ground my left thumb into hamburger against a wire brush wheel. Painful, interesting and fun.

No new pictures this week. As part of a special request, I am going to try to shoot some video so I can pull together a HOWTO on fillet brazing.

Next session:

  1. Blueprint the commuter/touring frame.
  2. Finish the fork for the commuter/touring frame.
  3. Attach chainstays to 29’er.
  4. Work on 29’er fork.