Comeback Road

Yesterday I did my longest ride in two years, and while it wasn’t ideal — a couple of flat tires, $110 in repairs at the 25-mile mark, problems with my powermeter, bonking hard, etc., I still had a great time. During the ride, I had time to think a bit about what I was doing and how I felt about biking.

Since starting to commute to work regularly (once or twice a week), I’ve started to get back into this whole biking thing and fall back in love with it. Yesterday’s ride was a tune-up for the Powderhorn 24, which starts Friday evening and ends Saturday evening.

I’ve been shedding weight and adding muscle since mid-June, but I’m still not where I’d like to be.


While we’re doing the Money Makeover, the possibility of racing regularly isn’t really there. It’s too damn expensive a habit. But I can still ride. And I will. I may never be as strong on the bike as I once was (college), but I plan to work hard to get faster again. This year, though, is going to be about getting back into the swing of things — riding regularly, maintaining my fitness in the offseason, and getting back at it as soon as the snow starts to melt.

Short Term

  • continue to view 2014 as my building of my base for a strong 2015
  • increase to 2x weekly commute
  • start doing calisthentics during once per week to help build muscle power (squats, burpees, monkeyfuckers, core work, etc.)
  • start planning an off-season training regimen that’s realistic re: time constraints

Longer Term

  • Build an actual training plan for the off-season and 2015, that’s realistic in terms of progressing and respects the time I have available.
  • Figure out what disciplines I want to race — pretty sure it’s going to be gravel, cyclocross, and track.
  • Race a small handful of events in 2015 to sharpen the skills (road, gravel, cyclocross).
  • Target 2016 for a return to racing.