It’s a rare Saturday post for me, and it’s all about the geekery. I’ve had some ideas and I’m tackling a few things.

Router Issues

The current router is one I’ve had since early 2005 — an Apple Airport Extreme (802.11b). Over the past few years, it’s started crashing on a regular basis (roughly every 4-6 hours), requiring a reboot. I’ve been meaning to replace it for some time, but haven’t wanted to pay the Apple hardware surcharge. I did some research and bought one that’s DD-WRT compatible, so I can flash it and have a super-router.

Computer Placement

The “office” bedroom was co-opted with Sam’s crib, and once he started sleeping on his own, it became wildly impractical to use my Mac in the evenings. To that end, I need to figure out someplace for it that’s not the basement. I’ve been thinking about building a smallish desk that’ll hold the Mini, both the external drives, and the keyboard. My monitor is on a swingarm, so it would just need a spot to clamp to.


Man, so I’m reading Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for the first time, and I’ve already got ideas popping out of my skull after the first chapter. I started thinking about Pirsig’s talking about technology vs. nature, Jobs and his desire for simplicity, the nature of skeumorphic and flat designs in operating systems, and then stumbled onto what I think may be a completely new idea for an operating system UI metaphor. This has already spawned the rough draft of a post on the topic, and I can see it being the impetus for a whole series of posts explaining the metaphor and hashing it out in greater detail.