Prepping: CX Frame Build, Part 2

If this is your first foray into this series, here’s the jist of it: I’m building a new CX frame for myself, even though I’m “out” of the framebuilding business. Go ahead and click on the link for Part 1 if you want the run-down on geometry, thinking, etc.

Prep Work

So the tubing for my new CX frame arrived last Thursday, which was gearing up to be a pretty busy night. After dinner, I jumped out to the garage and snagged my fork blades, seat stays, and rear dropouts. Then I took stock of everything in the shipment and spent some time chatting with Eddy about the tubing and how it related to my road bike, which was sitting in the basement. Good bonding time.

Small Parts

When I was first trying to make a go of the idea of having a framebuilding business, one of the things I did was always purchased extra small parts every time I made an order. That helped out with this project, and I was able to assemble all the materials I needed out of my back stock.

Carving it Up

The next step after this, of course, is to miter and drill the tubing, and get it ready for the process of becoming a frame.

Bonus Content: Visual Layer

It seems a bit premature to start with this as soon as I am, but I’ve been giving thought to how this will end up looking. I’ve selected my fonts (for now), and have a good idea of what the head badge will look like (for once)…it just happens that I’m playing the eventual name fairly close to my chest right now. But here’s a sample of the typography which is, of course, subject to change at a moment’s notice.