Closer to the Torch: CX Frame Build, Part 4

The building of the cyclocross frame continues. It wasn’t a particularly good day — I got some bad news before I left the house, and it’s been stuck in my head all day. Stopped at REI on the way for some new arm warmers and it was a fucking madhouse. Once at the workshop, I had a very hard time getting my head in the game. I discovered that my miters in the top tube from last week were slightly out-of-phase, and that put me in an even worse mood. Then I botched the miters on the down tube — cut it too long, which is the best kind of botch, but still. Frustrating to have to go back and correct that when you’re doing it all with hand files. Blech.

The good news is, all the main cuts are done. Now I just need to fine-tune the fitting a tiny bit.


Next Week

Next week, once those miters are tweaked, I’ll be brazing the front triangle together and cold-setting it. I’ll be starting the clean-up of the fillets at-home in the evenings thereafter, in preparation for the installation of the chainstays and rear dropouts. I’ll need to rustle up some tubing to use as chainstay and seatstay bridges. Probably have some in the scrap bucket out in the garage.