Terry, Showing off the awesome (fake) ‘stache.

A few weeks ago, my friend and former co-worker, Terry, was in a severe car-bike accident, resulting in a traumatic brain injury, a scalp that required 68 staples to close, and a badly broken leg. I’m not going to use this as a platform to rail at people to wear a helmet — the necessity of that is obvious — I’m just going to say goodbye to a dude who could be a royal pain in the ass and yet earned my respect and became my friend.

He was a hard guy to know, but what I did know about him earned my respect. After he left the bike shop, I’d see him around — downtown slashing through traffic like a velociraptor through a pre-school, coming in occasionally to bum some time in a workstand, drinking a beer at the BLB — we’d trade a few words, catch up, occasionally tip back a cold one.

A little over a week ago, Terry hung himself. I don’t know the reasoning behind it, not being privy to the contents of his head at the time, and really there’s no reason for him doing it that would make any sort of sense, nor make it any easier to deal with.

So he’s gone. And all of us who knew him are poorer for it.

Rest in peace, Terry. We’ll miss you, man.

terry_tailwhipTerry. Tailwhip.

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  1. This is only speculation, but I can’t imagine the mental anguish that might result from a severe life-changing injury like that. You spend so many years building your character and fine-tuning your personality to be the person you are & to suddenly start back at square one must be absolutely crushing. I think some people would rather be remembered as the person they were than to be dealt with as the person that fate made them into.

    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope wherever Terry is he’s back to his old, difficult self and enjoying the wind in his hair again.

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