Day 17: Your Favorite Memory

There’s a few:

Here’s one:

Dan & Kate
My Wedding Day

Marrying Kate is far and away the best memory I’ve got. Need I say more? Okay, well, it was an awesome day, and I married the woman that’s perfect for me. Never been happier than I have been in the 63 days since.


Spring of 2009. One of those first warm days. Kate was in North Carolina, and I was “living feral”1. All the windows were open, and I was cleaning house, knowing that Kate was coming home the following weekend. I had Bob Marley on the stereo (really loud), Mooch cradled in my arms and purring like a race car, and I was singing “Stir It Up” at her. About six weeks later, she’d be dead, but that’s the way I remember her now.

February 2002. Coming home from Philly to stay. I was in my XTerra, towing a UHaul, and approaching St. Paul via I-94. It was dusk. Mooch was sleeping on the dashboard, Pixel was snoozing in her kennel, and the CD player was quiet. When I got my first view of the capitol building, it was all lit up and glowing, and I knew that I was home. I was bouncing in my seat with excitement — and not just to be done with that drive.

1. i.e., I was a pseudo-bachelor.