Day 18: Your Favorite Birthday

I don’t know that I have a favorite birthday. Being a near-Christmas baby, my birthdays were never really cause for much celebration. I frequently got the “here’s your birthday/Xmas gift” and in one case, my 16th birthday, it was forgotten until the next day. Yes, that sounds like a bad 80’s movie with Molly Ringwald, but it wasn’t a huge existential crisis for me or anything. My birthday is just, well, a birthday.

Here’s a couple of memorable ones, that I figured out by trolling through old blog entries:

2005: Working at XATA. When asked if they should sing me “Happy Birthday”, I told the rest of the Project Management team to “shut the fuck up” — they sang “Shut the Fuck Up to You.” Hilarious. During lunch, we went to ProKart in Burnsville. While racing, I accidentally t-boned one slightly-annoying co-worker and sent him flying out of his cart.

2007: My birthday celebration was at Liquor Lyle’s the day before. Kate stopped by while I was already sloppy drunk. While she did have to see me drunk and I had a horrible hangover the next day, I did get to spend about eight months messing with her, because she thought my birthday was on the 21st.