Day 5: Your Definition of Love

Wow, this is a deep one. Placing a definition on love is no small task, but in the interests of time, I am going to try to be somewhat succinct.

I think that the relationship I have with Kate is what I define as love. We support each others’ goals and aspirations, we respect one another, and we both frequently put the other person ahead of ourselves. She’s the last thing I think of before I fall asleep and the first thought through my head when I wake up1. We complement one another — where I’m weak, she’s strong. Where she’s weak, I am strong. We fit together and make each other better, more-balanced people.

We have enough differences where it keeps things interesting — the Venn Diagram doesn’t overlap completely (nor should it) — yet we have enough similarities to have plenty of things to do together.

We have differences in opinion, but respect and love each other enough to realize that those differences are a strength and not a weakness.

We are individuals, and we’re a unit. Like the Superfriends2.

1. Sometimes, it is a case where I dread having to wake her up.
2. I call “not it!” on Aquaman!