Day 6: Your Hobbies

Wow. Where do I start? I think we’ll skip the obvious — the cycling stuff — for the less-obvious.

Font design. I used to do a LOT of this. I still sketch ideas, and someday, I really need to start producing these again. It used to be that I had a font site that had 100 fonts that I’d done, and they got downloaded pretty heavily. I’ve been out of it for awhile, and would love to get it going again.

Reading. I read a lot — not as much as Kate, granted, but a lot. Most of what I dig is science fiction, but I’ll read history, science, popular non-fiction, and so forth. I can’t get enough of it. Having iBooks and the Kindle software on the iPad is dangerous. Have you ever purchased a new book while sitting on the can? I have.

Writing. This is another one of those things I haven’t done as much of as I should have, especially when you consider that I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing. Lately, I’ve been committing to at least 30 minutes a day. It’s going well. I’m working on a novel called Bubble right now. If I can get it done by next summer, I will be very very happy.

Bicycling. Racing (though not as much lately) and, more recently, framebuilding are what occupy my time on two wheels. I geek out about things like frame materials and geometry, and I daydream about the run-ups during ‘cross races. In 2011, I plan to race road, track, and cyclocross.