Day 8: A Precious Item

There are only two things that I consider irreplaceable:

1. My wedding ring. Do I really need to spell it out? The moment Kate put this on my finger, I nearly cried. It’s the item that seals the deal on the most important part of my life. If I lost it, it wouldn’t destroy my marriage, but it would break my heart.

2. Mooch’s ashes. My best friend, who had to be put down last summer, Mooch was an important part of my life. She came into it when I was sad, alone, and struggling to get on my feet and figure out who I was. She gave a focus to my efforts. I may have brought her home from the shelter, but she saved me as much as I saved her. A tiny bit of those ashes went into the paint on the first bike frame I ever built, and another tiny bit will be going into the tattoo I’m going to get to honor her.