Day Off?

So today, I have the day off. I’m so busy that I refuse to understand why I’m thinking of it as a “day off”…I’ve been up since 0530, and thus far I have accomplished the following items:

  • woke Kate up
  • cleaned screens on iPad, iPhone, and computer
  • updated all the WP installs I’m responsible for to 3.0.4 — critical security update
  • looked at alternate solutions on the drafting board to replace a curved seat tube
  • got AdSense working, started integration of new 125×125 ad panel on DB.N

Yet to do:

  • shower
  • clean pigsty of an office
  • straighten up bike room
  • take trash out
  • clean kitchen
  • change litterboxes (necessitates trip to PetSmart for cat litter)
  • go buy food and booze for tomorrow night’s celebration
  • seal kitchen windows
  • formalize training program for 2011 race season
  • go to gym
  • print new batch of mitering templates for Justin’s 26er
  • clean up rear-dropouts on lugged commuter, treat with WD-40 to inhibit rust
  • put two free fonts up on this site
  • whatever is on my Honey-Do list (forthcoming from the wife) (never arrived)
  • switch bills to auto-pay out of checking account rather than with debit card
  • schedule doctor’s appointment
  • attempt to de-ice back steps