Dead Horse: The Beatening

Last time I said this, I was polite about it. This time, not so much: if you do something in front of my car that nearly results in either you, or both of us being killed, don’t fucking smile and wave at me. That you can so callously disregard your own imminent demise doesn’t annoy me — that you can so callously disregard ruining my life by dying on the hood of my car and possibly killing or injuring me in the process fucking infuriates me to no end.

So please stop. The smile-and-wave attempt at bonding with me over a shared experience is insulting — I won’t validate your inattentiveness, nor your stupidity, by returning the smile and wave and acting like it’s all okay. Because due to the laws of probability, someday it won’t be, and you’ll be a big red smear on the pavement, or I’ll have a large chunk of your car embedded in the side of my head, or whatever. Not cool.

Maybe instead of your stupid little song-and-dance “oh gee, it’s so funny that I nearly caused a wreck, ha ha, now we’re friends” bullshit, maybe you could pay attention to the road, follow the rules so as to be predictable to the rest of us around you, and maybe start thinking of the people around you instead of being a selfish ass? Is that too much to ask?

3 thoughts on “Dead Horse: The Beatening”

  1. I firmly agree. And I get it a dozen times a day – DRIVING A BUS. If you think your little car can’t stop on a dime, try something that weighs 10 times as much. And do these jackholes think that I can slam on the brakes any time I want? Do they consider the load of little old ladies I’m throwing around every time I have to avoid turning them into street pizza?

  2. i cannot like this hard enough. i am still waiting for my dashboard mounted rocket launcher that destroys the car and subsequently clears the shell of the car off the road. get on that, will you?

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