Deep in Thought

So part of the reason I haven’t continued to commit heaps of electrons to my blathering on this blog is that I’m having an identity crisis about what it should be or become.

I know that one big step in the development is going to be the visual layer. I’m working on that. Whole new WP theme, using YAML, Cufon, the Google fonts API, and a few other gems. I want to make this site stand out a bit.

But, where I really struggle is the content. I write about my life on here, obviously, but I can’t imagine that it’s all that interesting. The primary topic over time has been my bicycling-related stuff, but there’s also bits of writing and e-marketing stuff that I’d like to cover. And yet, that seems to dilute the content of the site far too much.

Thus: quandary.

What to do?

For now, I’m hammering away at a new presentation layer, which will satisfy much of the needs of whatever I hash out for this site. Plus it’ll help me get some progress on my 101 Things in 1001 Days, which I am FAR overdue of an update on.

In the meantime, if you need to bend your brain a little bit, Charlie Stross has an interesting line of thinking that might give some insight into the Fermi Paradox.

4 thoughts on “Deep in Thought”

  1. Sadly, if Mr. Stross is right, we’ll probably never know. Assume an alien civilization has noticed our radio transmissions and decides to send a nice informative ‘starwisp.’ What are our chances of seeing it as it passes through our solar system? Nearly nil, I’d bet.

    • I would think that any civilization that would push a starwisp or memory diamond across the light-years to Earth would have some way of signalling us.

      Ideally, your starwisp would contain a chunk of memory diamond full of instructions and information for a packet of nanoassemblers. Once the starwisp hits some mass in the solar system, it sets up shop and those nanoassemblers start building an “embassy” (be it a computer archive and radio beacon, or whatever). We wouldn’t need to notice the starwisp.

  2. I go through existential crises with my blog periodically, but then I get over it. I don’t know what mine is about either. Mostly cycling, but enough other stuff that I don’t consider it a bike blog. I have thought about spinning off other topics into different blogs, but never got around to it and the whole “what am I doing here” issue seems to go away. The frame building content is really interesting. The more random or “off topic” type stuff humanizes the blog and gives readers a better feel for you, so it all adds together into kind of a nice mosaic that works.

    Good luck with the design work – if I knew more about that stuff, I’d go that direction as well.

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