So I’ve not been updating lately. The last month-and-some-change has been pretty tough. First there was Terry ending his own life. Then there was having to euthanize my cat/BFF. Last week, I found out that my sister-in-law has breast cancer and that it’s metastasized. And then last night, mom gets admitted to the ER with chest pains (a blip on the EKG, enough to warrant a trip to her primary care this week).

So yeah, haven’t been writing a lot lately. I’m sure you’ll understand.

Upcoming, though: reviews of the Fibre Flare and Nite Rider USB Mi-Newt lights, my thoughts on Iran and North Korea, and other scintillating fun.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your losses. It always seems to come in multiples, doesn’t it. (I came over here from IBKC.)

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