Double Header

Hey, look, a rare two-posts-in-one-day double header! I’m going to do a bunch of blog posts Monday through Wednesday of this week since most of my readers will be absent on the 3rd and 4th of July to celebrate our nation’s birthday in the traditional methods of explosives, alcohol, and emergency room visits. Expect 2-3 posts per day during that timeframe.

This one isn’t going to have much substance, but still. I felt I should recount the weekend’s fun-ness, since it was busy-but-awesome.

  • cleaned kitchen innumerable times
    This happens when you have kids, and have people over, and such. Finally getting ahead of the curve.
  • tuned-up road bike
    Well, mostly. I tore the entire drivetrain off and cleaned everything thoroughly. Got the drivetrain back on, and then proceeded to call it a night as the mosquitoes were biting like crazy. I still need to do all the adjustments on the rear derailleur, give the frame one final wipe-down and then polish/wax it.
  • surrendered Max
    Kate actually did the drop-off, but it was a bit emotional for both of us. We opted not to tell Eddy, who I don’t think has even noticed yet. Max will be landing in a lower-stress environment and that’s enough of a positive to make this a great thing.
  • prepping garage
    Getting ready to move the contents of the Savage garage to the Chaska garage. Mainly, this involved throwing away a bunch of shit, and getting some more shit rearranged. Writing this just gave me a reaaaally good idea for how to set up the Chaska garage.
  • daddy/baby massage class
    One of the things I’ve bemoaned about going back to work is having less time with the boys. (OTOH, if I don’t work, eventually I have no time with them.) Sam, with all his changing in the last month has become more and more difficult to connect with. Taking this class, an idea Kate had, was great. Sam and I got some alone time, and we got to establish some things that are our little routine. It was fun.
  • saw some basketball
    Went and saw my nephew (by marriage) play some hoops. The kid’s going to be a 9th grader in the fall and is already very very close to seven feet tall.
  • helped mom with getting an AppleTV, WiFi, and Netflix
    Mom, now that she’s retired, has a lot of free time on her hands. She wanted to get this going. The next step is to cancel her goddamned Comcast, which is charging her an arm and a leg.
  • new iPad Mini Retina 64GB
    Finally replaced my first-gen iPad. Holy crap, the difference in size, battery time, speed, etc. Holy crap.