Downloading: life.txt

So it’s been far too long since I last updated this site. Shame on me! Life has been pretty crazy lately and as a result, writing for the site has been low on my list of priorities.

A list of the things that have been keeping me occupied lately:

1. Girlfriend. Kate and I are doing really well, and I’m dopey-in-love with her. She’s smart, funny, tough (with a mushy center), and easy on the eyes. And we’re good together.

2. Work. Work’s been fun lately. I’ve started flexing the creative muscles a little bit, plus getting more PM work, and designing/implementing process. Good fun!

3. Video Games. Well, Rock Band is definitely a hit with friends, and we’ve rocked out a few times. Got some friends I should join up with to play online. In other fun, I’ve started playing Call of Duty 4, which is an awesome experience.

Note what’s missing? Yeah, bike and writing updates. Seriously, I need to get back on the ball with those. Like tomorrow.

Today’s already spoken-for — I’m leaving the office at 2pm today, and going and getting a new tattoo (which I’ll detail in a post this weekend), which will be my first in about 12 years. After that, I work at the bike shop, where I’ll be faxing in my order for my new time trial rig.

Saturday calls for a long bike ride, forcing myself to write at least 2000 words of novel, and some serious housecleaning.