Et Cetera

So it’s Sunday night…not normally a time during which I update. And it’s day three of a four-day weekend. In less than an hour, I’m headed out to go catch a late showing of Straight Outta Compton, which I’ve been wanting to see since I first caught the trailer for it a couple months back.

So what’s been shakin’, bacon? We should break this down by day.


Popped into the office early to help out with a few things that some of my team was working on, even though we were supposed to have the day off. And I took Eddy with me. Surprisingly, I got almost everything done, even with him being a little chatterbox and going hog-wild on my desk Lego.

After that, I hit up the Chaska house so that the buyer could finally come pick up the mill he purchased from me two weeks ago.
After that, there was some running around, and then I hit up the State Fair1 where I met up with Josh and Jumi and a bunch of their friends from Metafilter. Being a Reddit guy, I obviously made some jokes about Metafilter, but it was all in good fun. Hopefully no one was offended. People take their social platforms seriously, I guess.

Came home, passed out and slept like a brick.


Not as crazy. Hung out with the kids while Kate ran errands, got my first-ever WordPress plugin running, even if it wasn’t anything magnificent. It was still a springboard to what I’m doing next, which involves a database table, JSON, and some other nifty shit.


Ah, today. My plans for the State Fair were pretty well eighty-sixed by the weather, which is just as well. No one wants to get rained on. I did get out for a 35-mile ride today, and kicked my own ass senseless, which is always gratifying. Felt strong. Had some sections where I was feeling super-powerful, and motoring along at 23+ mph in the big ring, and had my heart rate down in the high 140’s. Pretty pleased about that.

After that, I made some plans for tonight (see above comment about the movie), played with the kids a bit more, and laughed off some muscle cramps. Caught a catnap for about 40 minutes.


State Fair again. Need to get to all the non-standard foodstuffs, since Friday was about a lot of the old standbys. I still need to get an ear of corn and some cheese curds, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

Also need to email my boss about a couple of things, write some more pages for a piece I’m going to self-publish, and get ready for my work shift on Monday. I’ll probably publish a checklist early and see how much of it I can bang out.

Image Credits: Unsplash/Creative Commons Zero (CC0).