Exhausting Weekend

So Friday, I got home from the office around 2:30 p.m. I immediately plopped down and ordered up Peggle for the PS3, which has been a total joy. One of my favorite features on this thing is that I can take a replay and automatically upload it to YouTube, as evidenced by the mother of all blind-luck shots that I took on Friday at the end of one board:

Kate arrived home around the time I was finishing with the last board in the “Adventure” mode. She played for a bit and then we headed over to the Red Dragon.

It is flat-out impossible to leave that place and not have a hangover the next morning. Our table of 15 people ran up a $500 tab in only a few hours. A good time was had, as always. And Josh, Jumi’s boyfriend, offloaded some of his old welding supplies on me, which is awesome. Torch and a set of small oxy-acetylene tanks. Rawk!

We got home, we did stuff, and we went to sleep.

Saturday morning, I woke up with a IQ-dampening, but not suicide-inducing, hangover. I had some fluids, chatted with Johnny Surprise on GChat, and then I got my shit together and headed off to Frostbike. I had a pretty good time there, met a lot of cool industry people, and saw some really cool stuff. I’ve got a write-up forthcoming, and will probably post it tomorrow, after I’ve had a chance to test out some of the sample products I received.

Hit up Target briefly on the way home, and when I arrived, Kate was still asleep(!). She finally got up around 3 p.m. We lounged on the couch together for a bit. My new copy of the Paterek Manual arrived, and I wound up reading a large portion of that. I looked up, it was 11:30, and I decided that I had missed enough of the Cutters Ball where it would be better to go to bed and save the energy for Sunday’s framebuilding session up at Paul’s place.

Framebuilding went well, as it always does. Paul was making his final preparations for NAHBS, so I stayed out of the way as much as possible and accomplished the following:

  • The 29’er received some finishing work in the HT/DT fillet. There’s a low spot I need to drop some 56% silver into next time so that I can finish that.
  • The commuter bike got blueprinted, and I finished the shaping of the BB lug. Then the seat tube was mitered and brazed into the BB shell, the steerer tube and fork crown brazed, and I raked the fork blades and started slotting them for the dropouts.
  • The pursuit frame didn’t get much attention — all I did was silver braze the stainless dropout faces onto the rear dropouts.

After the hour-long drive back to the Cities, Kate dragged me out grocery shopping, after which I passed out on the couch.

This morning before work, I got some work done on the WP template I’m going to use to make the Pallas Athena Bicycles site, read some blogs, and found a possible new site template for this blog.

My weekends are more exhausting than my work weeks.