Family Miscellany

A few family-related updates:

1. Saw Transformers 2 last night with one of my future brother-in-laws. The verdict: fight scenes good, plot’s awfully thin, and one really really bad continuity error (you don’t go out the back door of the Smithsonian into a desert with mountains in the background and a bunch of parked C-141 Starlifters looking like they’ve been mothballed.) Predictable. Probably won’t watch again.

2. Working with other future B.I.L. We’re going to get a few iPhone apps rolled and on the App Store — that’s the plan, anyway. We’re still trying to come up with a name. We’ve got 2-3 good ideas for software, and I’m trying to think of others.

3. Picked up Mooch’s remains at the UPS depot yesterday. That was surreal and a little sad. My chubby little girl’s been reduced to a pound of ash. I’ll need to track down a classy little urn for her.

4. Mom’s heart appears to be okay. EKG glitch gone, still some minor chest pain/pressure. They think it may be her gall bladder. Crazy stuff. She’s starting to have lots of surgeries — knee, bladder, bunions, etc. Pretty soon, my mom will be a cyborg.

5. Kate’s back in NC, after coming home for the family camping trip this weekend. I’m missing her like crazy again, but I’m looking for upsides to this. Upside: I get to drive the Honda Fit while she’s gone. Woo, gas savings.

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  1. Whenever I’m away from the boyfriend the upside is having a reason to dream up creative ways to take dirty pictures to send him. And being able to sleep solidly without him waking me up by rubbing my butt at some ungodly hour of the morning.

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