Researching a New Fatbike

So for awhile now, I’ve wanted to get a new fatbike — the last couple years, actually. Things finally started to solidify on Sunday when I went and started test riding a few as part of my research process.

My older brother just purchased a Framed Minnesota 2.2 with a Bluto fork, and in looking at pricing and specs, it seemed like a pretty screamin’ deal, so it was the first thing I rode. I hit up Jonny Rock Bikes and took the 20″ (the largest available for that model) out. It felt cramped and more like a BMX bike, and I wasn’t really pleased with the feel. It certainly wasn’t going to work for long rides.

The next fatbike ride was a Framed Minnesota 3.0 with no suspension, in a 22″ frame. The fit was far superior to the 2.2, for sure, but it still had shortcomings in the parts group, and the mass of the 4.7″ front tire pulling the front wheel into turns was…odd, but would likely be something I could get used to. It also kind of obviated the need for a suspension, given that the tires rode like a couple of smart-foam pillows. It quickly jumped to the top of the list.

I opted to skip the options from KHS, thinking I had my new whip figured out, but on the way back to Minneapolis, I stopped at my old employer, Penn Cycle, to take a look at what they had in stock. I put eyes on the Trek Farley 5 (shown above), and was suitably impressed. There’s nothing that really needs to be updated on the bike. At all. And given that it’s only a hair outside my planned $1500 max price, I’m down. I want this thang.

The rest of the gear package is going to include: Crank Brothers Candy 7 pedals, 45NRTH bar pogies, 45NRTH Wolvhammer boots, a Giro Nine MIPS snowboard helmet, Oakley Crowbar goggles, and some other sundry items.

The plan is to commute to work 2-3 times a week, and try to hit up some singletrack once a week or so. I need to be able to get some outdoor/non-stationary rides in this year to help maintain my fitness going into spring.

Hoping to get it in a few weeks.

Image Credits: Trek Bicycle Company/.