FF Update: Week Four

Opponent: Deg’s Devestators
Result: Loss
Score: 128.11 to 100.56
Season Record: 1-3

Wow, this is turning into the Season of Ragrets. I’ve got a decimated RB corps, I’m dying at TE, and my WR staff is underperforming like a bunch of prima donna bitches. Came out of the draft with the second-highest grade (B+), and I’m getting murdered like a pre-schooler that just had a run-in with a velociraptor.

Bright Points:
Stafford (DET) had a great game for me, cranking out 32.45 points (24.6 projected), and Matt Asiata (MIN) carried his weight and then some by nabbing some decent yardage and 3 TDs for 28.00 points (13.73 projected).

Carolina’s defense netted me -0.5 points, in a show of ineptitude (24.11 projected), and Patterson (MIN) and K. Robinson (NO) both underperformed as well.

On Thursday night, I lost Niles Paul to a concussion, a bit more than 24 hours after claiming him on waivers. Fucking awesome.

Stupid Mistakes:
Starting Marques Colston (NO) over Devin Hester (ATL). Hester was projected for less points but put up roughly twice as many as Colston. Shit. It wouldn’t have made much of a difference, though. Where I really got fucked was on defense — starting Carolina instead of KC was dumb, dumb, dumb.

Week Five Plans:
Find a new schlub on the waiver wire to replace my fragile-ass porcelain tight end.

I need to find someone dumb enough to trade for Adrian Peterson (MIN) (someone hoping he’ll be back later this season), maybe get some deeper talent at the TE or WR positions. Holding onto Knowshon Moreno (MIA) and Mark Ingram (NO), as they’ll be back around Week 6-7, thank Christ.