FF Update: Week Three

Opponent: Block Heads
Result: Loss
Score: 89.26 – 59.36
Season Record: 1-2

Roster Thoughts:
This week, I was shithammered by a combo platter of underperforming players, a slew of injured/out runningbacks, and getting fucked on my position on the waiver wire.

Notable underperformers: Matthew Stafford, and the Carolina defense. Had these two performed to expectations, I’d have won this one.

My runningback corps is absolutely fucking decimated right now. Arian Foster was out because he’s a fragile wuss, AP is out because he beats up kids, Knowshon Moreno dislocated his elbow (I can’t dog him for that), and Mark Ingram has a busted hand (again, no dogging that). I picked up Matt Asiata and Khiry Robinson on the waiver wire, and both of them performed above expectations, but not anywhere near RB1 quality. I haven’t dropped any of my injured/out RBs yet because they’re studs and I need them down the stretch.

As part of beefing up my RB corps, I cut a few schlubs from the WR and TE pool. Of course, what happens? My TE is out and needs surgery after last week, so that’s my hot priority on waivers right now, and Niles Paul is available. Got pretty good position on the wire this week, so it’s an outside possibility.

Performance Graph: