FF Update: Week Two

Opponent: M Sam Likes the Vick
Result: Loss
Score: 107.83 to 99.89
Season Record: 1-1

Oy. What a fucking week. This is where I shit the bed big-time. I went into Monday night nursing a two-point lead, with Adam Vinatieri kicking for my opponent. Pretty much my only hope of winning was Vinatieri slipping in the tunnel and tearing his ACL to shreds.

I got fucked from multiple angles this week — Stafford under-performed, Cordarrelle Patterson was under-utilized and didn’t go much, Vincent Jackson did the same thing, AP got himself benched, and Knowshon Moreno got knocked out for 4-8 weeks with a dislocated elbow, and Mark Ingraham broke his fucking hand.

My only bright point was Arian Foster.

My weakest link this season was WR. Now it’s WR and RB.

I’m cornholed.

This morning I set up a waiver claim, dropping Jarrett Boykin (WR, GB) for Kniles Davis (RB, KC). It’s a stopgap until Jamaal Charles comes back and puts Davis back into a backup role, but at least it’s something. Unfortunately, I’m sure that I’ll lose the claim since I’m sitting in fifth place (of ten) in the league.

Trying to decide how to get through the next few weeks at RB.