Filtering Progress

So far, the filtering (see my previous post) is going really well. Ideas occur to me, and I scribble them down in the notebook and file the notebook away. I don’t feel bad about it, either. The next four months or so are about establishing a sustainable routine. Once that’s done, I’m going to find 30 minutes a day to work on one project at a time. More, once Eddy’s sleep schedule stabilizes and he starts sleeping through the night.

The sustainable routine is coming along nicely. I’ve calculated my optimum number of hours of sleep (six), which will help me to figure things out. In bed by ten, up by four, and that gives me the time I need to hit the gym in the morning before taking Eddy in to daycare and hitting the office.

I’ve already started noticing effects of these modifications to my daily life. I sleep better, I’m more “in the moment” and less forgetful. I like this.

Away from therapy, things are going well. Work is keeping me busy, but I’m able to let it go when I leave the office. The bike biz feels like I’m back on-track and moving forward in leaps and bounds. There’s some planning in its very early stages for some new equipment, too.

So yeah, life is good. Especially when you’ve got this little guy involved:

Eddy in His Tuxedo Onesie
"...because it says 'I want to be formal, but I'm here to party.'"

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