Five Actors I’d Like to See in Marvel Movies

And I should probably include roles for them, too:

  1. Ed Harris — would be great as, dare I say it? Cable.
  2. Joel McHale — as Multiple Man. Perfect level of snark for the role.
  3. Damian Lewis — can’t decide on a role, though. Anyone?
  4. Woody Harrelson — same as above. Can’t decide. Anyone?
  5. Donald Glover — as the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man.

Others that should have made this list: Dwayne Johnson, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Ralph Fiennes.

I’m going to follow this list with Five Actresses I’d Like to See in the MCU. Feel free to make comments below…

2 thoughts on “Five Actors I’d Like to See in Marvel Movies”

  1. Joel McHale would be an amazing Multiple Man, good call.
    Also, I’d love to see Damian Lewis play any character although I have no suggestions.
    Regarding actresses, Ruby Rose needs to join the MCU.

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