Five Bikes I’d Like to Build for Myself

1. Cyclocross frameset.
Likely Columbus Max with an Enve fork. I have all the parts I need to build this up, except the bottom bracket. This would replace my old Salsa Las Cruces (the source of the parts), and do extra duty as my gravel crusher.
2. Commuter frameset.
Utilitarian steel — Columbus Zona, with a steel fork. Lugged with Llewellyn Custodian lugs. Would add some nifty touches like pass-through chainstay bridges, etc. I have a large majority of the parts I’d need for this — just need to get some 9-speed brifters, a front derailleur, and a BB/crank.
3. Singlespeed road bike.
I have visions of an all-steel frameset with a unicrown fork. Fillet-brazed all the way around. Swinging dropouts with a belt drive gate. Clean paint job. Clean, but not overly-fancy parts group. Trying to get that early-80’s Euro look out of a bike that’s anything but.
4. A fatbike.
Because I fucking miss riding when it’s winter.
5. A track bike.
Some sort of kickass steel frame, with utilitarian parts that I can upgrade as I improve.