Five Habits I Want to Develop

archerA good friend responded to my Feburary 28th post with five pretty legit ideas for posts, so I’m taking these cues and running with them.

1. Daily meditation.
For the mental healths.
2. Riding to work 3x per week from April through November.
For the physical healths. I’m starting with 2x per week this year and working up to 3x. Part of this is going to be managing my workload at the office so that I can leave my laptop here. (Don’t like carrying it with me.)
3. Watch even less TV than I already do.
As we’ve degraded our cable package, I watch less and less TV. Mostly, I sit with Kate and read while she watches stuff, which is kinda nice. I get to read and spend time with my wife.
4. Get better about handling housework.
Not only frequency, but volume thereof.
5. Learn to Give Up on Shitty Experiences
This is primarily a reading thing — I will plow through a book no matter how bad it is. Hell, as I write this, I’m reading one that’s pretty sketchy, and I feel like I should drop it, but I also want to see where it goes. Why am I wasting time on that crap? I don’t know.

4 thoughts on “Five Habits I Want to Develop

  1. It’s hard to put down a bad book, even when one should just give up already. There are millions of awesome books out there that I won’t get to read…and yet I slog through some to be a completist. It makes no sense, but I get it.

    • That’s the truth. I guess part of it is also that I’ve been surprised by enough endings where I think most books might be capable of redemption.

  2. Daily meditation has made an enormous difference in the quality of my sleep. Though most of what I read suggested morning meditation, I do it at night before bed. For years I had trouble shutting my brain down and would lay in bed for an hour or more before actually going to sleep. Now I meditate for about 10 or 15 minutes, read for another 30 or 40, and then I’m out.

    • Interesting. I worry about doing it in the mornings because I’m walking around in a child-induced coma most of the time — I’d probably just fall back asleep. I’m gonna need to figure out timing.

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