Five Resources to Further Develop My Professional Goals

archerA good friend responded to my Feburary 28th post with five pretty legit ideas for posts, so I’m taking these cues and running with them.

1. Dale Carnegie classes
I need to look into the viability of taking a Dale Carnegie class on public speaking — it’s been highly recommended to me, and I’m very intrigued. Beyond technology- and strategy-specific coursework I’ve done, I feel that I should be trying to hone more of the subtle business skills, too.
2. A mentor
It’s been pretty rare that I’ve had someone as a boss that takes an interest in my professional goals — my current boss is one of those, fortunately, and I’m quite happy about that. In my past 16 years, only one other boss has taken the time to actively help me figure out where I’m going and how to get there.
3. The gym
Improved energy levels = improved performance. My goal is to eventually become an “every day” workout goob. Though on rest days, that’ll mean just a light spin on the road bike or a walk on the treadmill or the equivalent.
4. Medication
Last year, I was diagnosed with ADD. Crazy, huh? Well, just recently, I was prescribed medication to help solve the issue. This should help things significantly.
5. Autodidactism
I’m of the opinion that people with a broader set of skills are more employable and generally are more capable of solving a broader range of problems than those with a narrow focus of expertise. Taking a self-guided, personal interest in learning everything I can has helped my career immeasurably. Hell, it’s what started my career (self-taught in HTML, CSS, and Photoshop).