Five Science Fiction Things I Am Still Waiting For (Patiently)

1. Micro-Pets.
I’d like a Siberian Tiger than never gets bigger than a domestic housecat. Or a pod of dolphins small enough to keep in a very large saltwater fish tank. Or maybe an elephant the size of a small puppy. How awesome would that be?

2. Downloading to the brain.
Need to learn krav maga? Download it directly to your brain. Need to learn how to do brain surgery in the middle of nowhere? Download it to your brain over a cell network.

3. Uplift.
Can’t find an alien intelligence to talk to? Make one. Also, in the same vein as SETI…

4. An explanation for the Fermi Paradox.
By now, we should have spotted some evidence of alien civilizations. Other than the Wow! Signal, we should have seen something ou there…but we haven’t.

5. A real space program.