Five Things I Learned While Unemployed for Ten Months

1. Someday you will welcome the tyranny of the pants again.

2. Have a cool side project that you can run/put on your resumé.

3. You will get depressed — eating right, exercise, keeping up with personal hygiene, and maintaining social contact are all very important.

4. Take chances. I responded to ads for jobs that I hadn’t done in more than a decade, and explained that I wasn’t really what they were looking for, but hey look, I can also do X, Y, and Z. That frequently got me in the door.

5. Any job is a springboard to more opportunities. Strangely, once I started wrenching at a bike shop to bring in extra money, I suddenly had recruiters calling me left and right. I think this is the same thing as when you started getting approached frequently once you’re in a stable relationship.

(You’ll notice the past-tense form of “learn” in the subject line. If you read into that, you’ll probably wonder if I got a job. The answer here is: yes. Yes I did.)