Framebuilding Follow-Up

Good progress all-around this weekend. I got the fillets built on Justin’s 26er and everything is coming along nicely. It’s going to be a sweet-looking ride when it’s finished. Next-up for that is a rough finish on the DT/ST/BB fillets and starting to prep the chainstays/rear dropouts.

Fang's BB Prepped
Drilling the vent hole in Fang's BB.

I also got the ST/BB done on Fang’s 29er, which was fun due to the odd forward-offset seat tube. I may do a smooth cutout in the back to allow for shorter chainstays and fill the cutout with a brushed stainless-steel plate. I’ll have to get some TIG time to get that sucker mounted and then file the shit out of it to make it blend nicely, but it’ll look so incredibly hawt. The next step is actually going to be getting the HT/DT prepped, mitered, and joined, however.

Paul’s bike gave me some fits and I spent about two hours working on getting the chainstays aligned so that the wheel sits in the frame straight. Right now, it’s almost there, but it’s still visually obvious that it’s somewhat off. In the case of slotted dropouts, I’d just heat up the stay, slide the dropout back a bit, and let it cool, but I used Breezer-style dropouts, which renders that solution impossible. I did get the bottoms of the seat stays mitered, however, and I did prepare the cap material for when it comes time to cap those.

I did not manage to find the time to work on my pursuit bike. The next step on that is joining the HT/DT to the BB/ST combo and then cold-setting it before the TT goes in. This means that on payday, I should probably order up my chainstays for it — I’m using a pair of tandem chainstays that are 30mm x 16mm ovals at the BB end, and almost 2mm thick at the tips. I also need to score the parts to build a unicrown fork. This thing is going to be a beast on the track.

Next session of building isn’t going to happen until next Sunday, after I’m back from the funeral I’m leaving for on Tuesday.

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