Framebuilding Update

The 29er is done. Well, mostly. All the parts are on it except for the brake cables — I need to get the caps for the housing and cable ends before I can hook up the disc calipers and call it done. Will be hitting up one of the nearby shops on the way home so that I can address that.

I’m also putting together my battle plan for the day o’ building I’ll be doing this weekend.

Lugged Commuter Frameset
My lugged commuter road frame. She's a beast!

The first order of business will be getting the chainstays on the lugged commuter done. That should be relatively trivial. I’ve already got the dropouts in-place. I just need to set everything in the fixture and sort out the lengths/spacing. Honestly, this one’s not too far away from done. I had considered getting some fancy-schmancy paintjob, but I think I’m just going to go with a durable white powdercoat. It’s a commuter, after all, not some exotic showpiece. The remaining steps on this sucker are getting the seatstays on (non-fastback, which will make it easier) and doing the small fittings (about a day’s worth of effort, all told).

After the chainstays are done, I’m going to finalize the blueprint on Justin‘s 26er hardtail and put the ST/BB together.

Additionally, I hacked apart the BB/ST on the pursuit frame as I wasn’t happy with the way it was looking. I’ll be redoing the seat tube miter and redoing that one as well.

Paul’s lugs should be here this week, and at the very least, I’ll be marking them up for how I plan to do the cutouts. I’ll probably do the blueprinting of his frame this weekend, too.

Tonight, though: inaugural ride of the new 29er.