Framebuilding Update

No class this weekend, and I don’t have another framebuilding session until Sunday the 21st. The 29’er is approaching completion, and the lugged commuter/touring frame is underway. The tubeset for the single-speed ‘cross frame is still untouched (which is okay). There’s also a tubeset for a track pursuit frame on a UPS truck somewhere.

Met with a painter last night, and it looks like I’ll be doing business with him. Hoping to have that 29’er frame in front of him in the next 4-6 weeks and the lugged commuter not long thereafter.

Yesterday, I found a source for 316 stainless tubing, in the thickness and ID that I need. Looks like the raised metal downtube logos are still going to happen.

Today, I’m hoping to finish the head badge design and get the HTML portion of the website done.

Tomorrow, I need to swing by a small local print shop that I found online and see if they can do print masks for me (cut adhesive vinyl). And get a price quote.