Gems Among Shit

It’s always important to look back at your work as an artist to see where you’ve come from. It gives a certain gauge, I think, of your progression and growth in a particular medium.

Recently, I undertook an operation to completely organize all of the Fontosaurus legacy files. During that process, I had the opportunity to start looking through many of my past efforts — some that had seen the light of day, and some that had not.

Given my lack of record-keeping, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get a decent timeline sorted out and could see my development as a font designer.

While I was surprised at the amount of progress I made in 2-3 years, I was also painfully aware of how I was limited by my lack of knowledge of the craft. That’s something that, during my hiatus, I have endeavored to resolve, and I think that my future works will reflect that.

The other thing this has done was to put me in a position where I need to decide what’s going to happen to some of the legacy fonts. Some are so bad that they are going to be “lost” — I’ll deep archive them and never touch them again. And some are gems, which I’ll need to cut-and-polish before offering them up to the world.

It’s those that flounder in mediocrity that I am unsure about. While I want to put my efforts toward cutting and polishing the gems, I can’t help but think about the rocks of mediocrity that might just have an agate or a geode inside them.