Gone Quiet

It’s been awhile since I had a nonsensical post here. A large amount of my free time is now spent wrangling stuff for my freelance biz. I’m also battling some pretty bad lower back issues that involve lots of heat/cold packs, ibuprofen, KT Tape, and weekly chiropractic visits. As you can imagine, I’m pretty exhausted and grumpy most of the time. Add in the death of a friend, and some other crap, and I don’t feel much like doing things. But I do them anyway.

One of the bright spots in my personal aspirations has been my reading. I had set a goal of reading 55 books in 2017, lower than my usual goal, but based on my poor performance in previous years. (Though you’d never know about 2016 because I still haven’t gotten around to posting my analysis of that. Bad Dan!) This year, I’ve been crushing it, and as of the first draft of this post, I am seven books ahead of schedule.

The back rehab is going in fits-and-starts, and I screwed up by seriously overdoing it on Sunday, when I somehow decided it would be a great idea to pick up Sam in a fireman’s carry before having to turn 90 degrees which, of course, involves pivoting at the waist. Fuuuuck. So yeah. I saw a back specialist a few weeks ago and she gave me a list of exercises to start doing — I ordered some kettlebells off of Amazon, and I’m working on adding those. She also prescribed more bike time. The chiropractor today suggested that I need to work out in a way that’s based more on real, functional movements (ie: not yoga) — he suggested martial arts classes as a good way of doing that. That’s some serious money outlay, though. We’ll see.

Another bright point is the debt — soon, there will be a cash-out refinance of the house completed, and the lion’s share of debt will be paid off. So that’s awesome. There’ll even be some cash left over to build up some extra retirement savings. There’s a new mattress and a new singlespeed road bike on the agenda, too.

Anyhow. That’s kinda what’s been going on. What’s new with you, Internet?

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