Good Things

• My new heart rate monitor should be in at the shop today. The battery leaked inside my old Polar and killed it. Kate’s got a matching one in this order, too.

• Apparently I am perfectly suited toward endeavors such as starting my own company. Rock on.

• While I’ve been jonesing for an iPhone 4 since I bought my 3GS (needed a replacement asap, couldn’t wait two more months), I can hold off for now. The 3GS functions fine, and the iPhone 5 is rumored for a September announcement/release. So for now, yes, I’m fine with my <sarcasm>paleolithic</sarcasm> 3GS. I am hoping said iPhone 5 comes with a 64GB model.

• I’m still happy about Van Summeren’s win at Paris-Roubaix. I always love seeing the underdog nobody come out and snuff the big guns. To hold off a late charge by Cancellara and to do it with a flat rear tire is pure fucking panache, man.

• Getting my tanks/oxy-acetylene this coming Friday. Rockness.

• I’m really enjoying the shit out of HTML5/CSS3/jQuery. Working on a typography-based WordPress theme that uses all three, and is based around the Less framework, so it automatically reformats to any number of web browsers, including mobile devices.

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