Grab Bag

Honestly, I don’t have any super-deep or thoughtful thing to write about, and even if I did, I don’t have the time for it. Today, you’re getting a mash-up of the little things that have been going on around here lately.

Hair Loss

So I’ve finally hit the point where I want to do something about this. Yeah, it’s vain, and women like bald dudes, etc., etc., and I’m even getting encouraged to shave my head. Except I have a weird-shaped head with some really ugly scars that are hidden by my hair. So I’m going back on the Propecia soon. It worked great the first time around (2004), and now that it’s available in generic form, the prices are more reasonable, so that’s good.

Yeah. Not interested in Y/N responses on this one — I’m doing it.

The Back

Three Bulging Discs

Not out of the woods yet. On the 31st of December and the 12th of January, I had cortisone shot into my lumbar and cervical regions, respectively. It’s helped quite a bit. In the red circle above, you’ll see three bulging discs in my neck. That’s the kind of fun I’m dealing with right now. Lucky me! Back’s definitely feeling a hell of a lot better, but I still have limits on what I can and cannot do.

Web Stuffs

First thing you’ll notice is that I’ve changed WP templates again. I’m really quite enamored of the Twenty Fifteen template, and I’ll be running with that for a year or so. I still do want to get around to designing my own template, but it’s not the highest priority, given that there’s other things to tackle this year.

Also, I did start a new site, called Wood Pulp and Electrons, which is going to be reviews of stuff I’ve read. The first thing I have to do is write reviews of the four books I’ve ridden so far this year, and then not only will I complete things as I go, I’m going try to tackle books that I’ve read in the past.