Great Things

1. The Chicago Connections were all in town last weekend and I got to see all of them. Amy J was here visiting family and she got to meet the wife and kid and we had dinner on Thursday night. Dave and Raptor were here that weekend, too. We got to see them for about an hour on Easter Sunday, which was cool. They finally got to meet the little bean.

2. Holy shit the allergies have subsided! I had a full allergy work-up on Tuesday morning, and the only thing I’m allergic to is….dust mites. So remember that seafood allergy I developed while in Korea? GONE. Guess who’s on-deck for sushi in the near future? Yep. This guy.

3. Work is proving to be amazing — I’m surrounded by a group of people who are wicked smart, hard working, and have great long-term vision. I started laying the groundwork for a large-scale idea I had a few months ago, and have sold several people on the idea. We’ve got a client lined-up after bouncing the idea off of him, and it looks like we’re going to build it out. The best part is, it’s expandable, and if it works as we think it will, it will validate a lot of my thinking on the subject. I’ll say more on this later, but I think that it’s a goldmine of both cash and intellectual stimulation.