Growing Old

It seems that as I age, more and more of what I write is in list format. This is probably an attempt to save time — I’m growing older and running out of minutes. Granted, I’m only 37, but still. I seem to be obsessed with maximizing available time.

A few years ago, I tried using the Getting Things Done system. The system has its merits, and tons of adherents, but I seem to do better with just a plain, ordinary checklist with small, finite to-do items, rather than a system with a review process and “50,000-foot views” and that sort of nonsense. Plus, the two best GTD apps out there — Things ($50) and Things for iPhone ($10) are pricey for what they are. Okay, I can spring $10 for an iPhone app, but $50 for a desktop app? No thanks.

A few months ago, I put Evernote on my iPhone and I’m starting to look at it, finally. I find it especially cool because it’s web-based, meaning I can share data across multiple platforms — I’ll be putting the desktop client on my Mac tonight, my netbook once I decided whether to stick with the Hackintosh or go to Ubuntu, and my work PC today. Having one unified source for all this stuff should work nicely.

We’ll see. Who knows? I might make my way back to GTD, break down and buy Things (big plus if it’s in this year’s MacHeist), and try getting all these crazy fucking things in my life under control. Sometimes process helps — being a former project manager, you’d think I’d know that.

Rambling over.